Galaxy Lube India Private Limited is located in Western India near Mumbai Port. Our Clientele consists of Large Oil MNC & Nationalised Companies and Lubricating Oil Distributors . We are Growing Strongly over Years in Private Label Market and We see entire Logistical Solutions for many of our Customers. Our Customers are required to focus on their Sales and Marketing and pass on their Order to us, after which Galaxy Lube Produces the Brand Articles and Delivers them to address given by our Customers. We Manufacture all Types of Automotive, Industrial and Speciality Oils in Various Packaging Types in Customer Specific Labels.


Galaxy Lube Offers Bulk Oil of Various Grades to Large Companies who have their own Filling Facilities. We Supply more than 150 types of Grades in Tankers or IBC or Even in 210 Liter Plastic/Metal Drums.

We also discreetly supply in Tankers with Professional Brand Products to your Customers Address.


With us it's not only your brand that's private, but your clientele too!



We at Galaxy has over 150 Different Lubricating Oils. We can Meet just about any demand which our customers requires .Our offering is most Latest Engine Oil which are suitable for Heavy Duty Racing Engines, Motorbikes & Agriculture Vehicles. Galaxy Lube also has a Wide and Dynamic Range for Virtually all Industrial Applications Products  Offering.


The Quality of the Lubricating Oil is Based on Usage of Additives which Meets or Conforms the performance standards set by OEM in their recommendation Manual. Galaxy Lube has only selected those Multi National Additive Companies who have obtained their Additives Approvals meeting OEM Standards and hence can Claim Meeting Specification Based on Claims by Additives Manufacturer.

At Galaxy, we can help our Customers to Support in their own Efforts in any OEM approvals as our manufacturing plants meets the Technical Audit Requirements of Large OEMS.


Our Company Regards Product Development as One of the Most Important Pillars of its success, with Efforts Focusing on Longer and Longer Oil Change Intervals. Product Development is a Continuous Process and that gives our Customers Assurances that they will always be offered the Latest Developments in Lubricating Oil Technology and Care For the Environment.




L-2 TH
2000 ML
L-2.5 TH
2500 ML
500 ML
1000 ML
P-56 - S
1000 ML
3000 ML
5000 ML
5000 ML
1000 ML
1000 ML
25 Ltrs




If required our Marketing Department can help you with the development of the labels for your Private Label Products. The Label Layout is considered from a Professional View Point and the Labels are Tested against the Statutory Requirement.


Galaxy Lube has been Supplying Products of consistently high quality for many years, and a Good Laboratory is a very important part of this service. The staffing level has therefore been Increased Compared to a years ago, and the Laboratory has been Completely Refurbished. The Surface Area has Doubled and We have Invested in the Very Latest Equipment in order to carry out the Tests even Better and Faster. Our Laboratory Analyses each Production Batch, but also Products from the Filling Lines and Incoming Raw Materials. The Laboratory also Plays a Major role in Product Development.


Our Research & Development Department has been greatly extended in recent years, which has resulted in a Large Number of New Products that are already Demonstrating their Practical Worth. Every day our Specialists also answer questions from Galaxy Customers and Help them to Apply for Rebrands.


Documentation is Very Important Part with Our Customer Staying far away from our Manufacturing Location. Our Logistics and Supply Team Constantly Follows through Mail since start of their Sales Order. Complete Discreetness is Followed in Dispatch of Invoices and Documents.

Constant Updation of Pending Orders, Payment Status is given as Routine & Our Logistics Team is always updated to give answer to your Query in Shortest Possible Time.



More and More Companies are noticing that Logistics is more than a balance sheet entry: It forms a Fundamental Component of the Cost Price of the Products. In a Contracting Market Characterized by Cutthroat Competition Profit Margins are Under Pressure and Cost Reduction is more important than ever. Galaxy Lube also Specializes in the Logistical Aspects of Both Bulk and Packaged Goods, in which Customers are offered Various Alternatives in the area of Storage and Transport. Galaxy Lube Transports Brand Articles in our Customers' names to the delivery addresses Each and Every Day. This is done Professionally and Discreetly, and only the name of our Customer is Stated as the Supplier.